Network Core security

In the age of advanced threats, focusing on internet exchange points, while undeniably important, is not enough. The protection of a company’s data assets requires understanding of where those assets are and how the end user interacts with them. Many security incidents identified on network level are strongly tied to the actions of malicious programs on the level of individual work stations. Effective protection requires the use of technology that makes it possible to identify these threats. This means dealing with correlations between seemingly unrelated incidents, independent of the time and place in which they occurred. Only this approach to security, allows us to fight with the most dangerous threats in the APT class. Another category of solutions pertaining to security issues within a network are systems that keep the integrity and confidentiality of information that is stored in databases, which are more and more frequently the target of attack.

The protection of terminals, because of their variety (PC, tablets, Smartphone’s) is the most demanding task an IT department is faced with. The multiplicity of applications, operating systems, configurations or user assets in conjunction with the frequent lack of standardization results in significant problems in ensuring the safety of a business’s assets at an acceptable level.