Effective protection of information requires constant monitoring of data at each step of its life – we protect information that is stored and processed in IT systems, as well as information that is circulated within and without the clients organization.

The threat of an intentional or unintentional security incident is present on each level, which in both cases can mean financial loses for the organization.

Adding to the problem of protecting  information is the necessity to define the roles and authorizations of users, as well as creation of security policies. It becomes apparent that the key to success, is the implementation of specialized solutions, which independent of the execution of their basic tasks allow for integration with other products creating one complete solution. 

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We specialize in implementing solutions and providing professional services in the field of next generation security: protecting internet connections, networks, industrial systems and critical infrastructure.

Network Edge Security

Network Core Security

Critical Infrastucture Security

Network Infrastructure Security


Eversys Sp. z o.o s is an IT company specialized in the field of information security.

What do we do?

We collaborate with the world leaders in the security sector and implement unique IT Security solutions on the Polish market. These are highly specialised products, addressed to the most sophisticated needs of our clients.

The company is made up of passionate and experienced people, who have developed their skills in large multinational corporations. Based on our knowledge and experience we advise, design and implement solutions that protect the most precious assets in an organization. 

We protect!

New threats in the world of IT force a constant search for new solutions in the security sector, which would effectively protect the most valuable assets in an organization. The knowledge of unique, specialized products along with the skill to combine them, make building complete solutions that protect our clients information, possible. Our proposed solutions consist of using products with unique features, combined in such a way that address the needs and requirements of our clients.
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We work for the biggest firms in Poland!